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Doing Good, Feeling Good

Episode Summary

“When I am doing good, I end up feeling good” - Jenny Ball Today, I am looking forward to sharing my conversation with Jenny Ball Jenny (along with her sister Stacey) is a pioneer in the eco-conscious beauty space as the founder of the beauty tool brand EcoTools. Most recently they have started a new venture- Everand- a purpose-driven brand that creates gorgeous home goods with a heart. When I met Jenny I felt like I had known her forever- she just exudes kindness and was such a total delight to speak to. Please join us as we talk about being a two-time female founder, a love of music being a huge part of both of our lives, anti-fashion fashion and how mascara primer is a game- changer. All the products mentioned in this episode can be found at If you like what you hear- please rate and review and follow us at @beauty_evolves on IG